Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina


Bella Cucina transports diners straight to Italy with a cosy, rustic Italian ambience.

As you enter Bella Cucina you are instantly warmed by the huge wood-fired oven and embraced by the wonderful aromas of Italy.

Rustic candelabras hang down from the high ceiling, candles flicker in the iron wall lights, there’s a hustle and bustle of dishes and voices, wine is poured from pewter and glass jugs, the vintage Italian posters form an almost gallery like effect down the main walls, copper pans hang on the kitchen wall waiting to be filled with simple but superb food, herbs dry above the ovens, staff are in chocolate aprons and white tee’s, tables on the side-walk provide a great view of Queenstown’s version of the passagiato during summer.

Much more than Pizza and Pasta, Bella Cucina is based on the Italian kitchen philosophy of a daily changing menu to incorporate the freshest produce. Everything is made from scratch with love, it’s fresh, delicious and affordable.

Bella Cucina modify their menu daily to provide you with the best Italian dining experience (outside of Italy, of course) mixed with local and seasonal produce.

Eat Simple – Eat Well.


Phone Number: 034426762
Address: 6 Brecon St, Queenstown 9348