Fogo Brazilian BBQ Experience

Fogo Brazilian BBQ Experience


Warm-up after a day of adventuring around a blazing churrasco. That's a Brazilian BBQ for those who didn't know...

Picture this; you've just descended the snow-covered slopes and hung up your ski boots, or you've only just recovered from a hike in the mountains in summer. Either way, you're going to need some serious comfort! Head to Fogo for some warming meaty goodness! Their informal dining hall is the perfect place to stretch out, curl up and kickback. Catch it on a good day and you can watch the adventure capital buzzing about from their friendly patio.

Their starters are a great way to ease into an unforgettable culinary experience. Embrace the Brazilian cuisine with their deep-fried Brazilian street food or cheesy garlic bread. Then, fire up the BBQ... it's about to get real hot in here!

Depending on how much work you want to do yourself, you can also opt for one of their sublime platters that include all kinds of meats, rice, black beans and potatoes aplenty. Alternatively, cut out the middle-man and go for the salmon with a spritz of fresh dill and roasted veggies or a delicious pasta with pesto sauce, mushroom and cherry tomatoes if you're vegan or vegetarian. Whether you want the DIY experience or something more elegant, there's something for everyone at Fogo.

Don't forget to try our amazing Brazilian desserts!


Phone Number: 03 409 2254
Address: 28-30 The Mall Ballarat Street, Queenstown 9300


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