Madam Woo - Queenstown


Serving up bold and vibrant flavours for the Queenstown crowd, Madam Woo will have you screaming 'woooo' for Malaysian food!

Specialising in traditional Malaysian hawker food (street food if you were unsure), their story started right here in Queenstown before spreading its wings across the rest of New Zealand. Inside it's bright, stylish and relaxed. Boasting a certain seaside vibe with whitewashed walls and a modern bar, it only gets better at night when the immense paper lanterns keep it warm and intimate.

Food this sumptuous is never better when it's shared with loved ones. As the menu rightly states, you can't come to Madam Woo and not have a hawker roll. These are circular roti breads that wrap up anything from sticky pork, soy eggplant and roast hoisin duck. Table manners aside, the trick is to engulf it in one bite. It's a bite you won't forget in a hurry.

For mains, the flavours get bigger and bolder with the Hainanese chicken and rice, stir-fried pork belly and vegetarian laksa. And Madam Woo ain't Madam Woo without Madam's chicken curry and the ultimate Malaysian Indian fish curry. Then see out your evening with a tropical 'Ping Pong' cocktail and commence planning your next trip to Malaysia.


Phone Number: 03 442 9200
Address: The Mall, 5 Lower Ballarat Street, Queenstown 9300