Osaka's signature urban edge has arrived in Queenstown. Welcome to Tanoshi, where goodies from the teppan grill and tapas-style Japanese plates await after a day of adventure!

Pristine and cosy, this is the perfect place for a late evening bite. Wind down with pals in their roomy booths or embrace Japanese living and enjoy your meal at the bar. And if it's the beginning of a big night ahead, get the sake in and hunker down in the candlelight with traditional plates that sustain and surprise!

The Tanoshi tapas menu offers a range of Japanese delicacies that are perfect for sharing. Whether you like it raw with salmon sashimi or deep-fried like karage chicken, everyone's falling in love with this awe-inspiring cuisine! And do you know what'll make you fall head over heels? - Check out there world class Japanese whiskey and Sake menus!


Website: www.tanoshi.co.nz/
Phone Number: +64 3 441 8397
Address: Cow Lane, Queenstown 9300