Coalfire Bar and Restaurant

Coalfire Bar and Restaurant


Housed in a historic 150-year- old building, Coalfire Bar and Restaurant is situated in central Queenstown, in the Mall.

Schist stone walls and an open fire place provide a warm and cosy atmosphere in which to enjoy food that’s cooked low and slow in the ‘fire pit’, or distinctive smoky dishes from the hand-built Spanish smoker. Inspired by pit masters from around the world, dishes include smoked sole, sticky ribs and an irresistible range of desserts.

Gather a group of friends, take a seat on the enclosed balcony upstairs and enjoy Coalfire’s famous jalapeno poppers and sweet and stick halloumi. Downstairs, there’s an open fire and intimate seating which is ideal for a relaxed dining experience for two. Just a few steps away from Queenstown’s local cinema, Coalfire Barbecue Bar and Restaurant is a prime spot for a date night!

Open from 11am until late, Coalfire has excellent coffee and a great range of wine and beer, including a beer specially brewed to match the barbecue dishes.


Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 03 442 8439
Address: 17 Ballarat Street, The Mall,, Queenstown 9348


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