Spirit of Queenstown Dinner Cruise

Spirit of Queenstown Dinner Cruise


It's an indisputable fact that Queenstown boasts some of the most staggeringly beautiful, jaw-dropping and dramatic views in the whole of fair New Zealand. Queenstown's only dinner cruise, the Spirit of Queenstown Dinner Cruise certainly delivers the goods!

Odds on you'll be looking out the window the entire time, but the boat's interior deserves some love and attention too. Gently rising and falling with the waves, the restaurant is an intimate, cosy and atmospheric capsule where you can watch the steep mountains drift on by. There's no better way to mark a special occasion or simply spend some quality time with a loved one.

Their 'trust-the-chef' menu ensures that only the freshest, local ingredients are used to make the tastiest plates. To whet your appetite, the current menu features cheese and charcuterie boards for starters; overflowing with cured meats, artisan cheeses and seasonal fruits, it's perfect for easing into a night of pure decadence.

The mains place sustainable meat in the spotlight with crispy pork belly, lamb fillets and beef ribs flying the flag for NZ produce; the gooey mushroom risotto serves as an excellent vegetarian alternative. Then, pour yourself a glass of world-renowned Central Otago wine and head out onto the deck and let the mind-boggling views do all the work.

The dinner cruise departs at 6.30pm every Wednesday ā€“ Sunday (inclusive) and returns at 8.30pm. The regular price is $139 per person.


Website: www.southerndiscoveries.co.nz/spirit-of-queenstown-dinner-cruise/
Phone Number: +64 3 441 1137
Address: Top of the Mall, 38 Ballarat Street, Queenstown 9300